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Larch (Larix sibirica) - a sort of softwood Pinaceae. Larch has soft wood which falls off every autumn like foliage. And it got it's name from here. It grows in Western and partly in Eastern Siberia( mainly in Krasnoyarsk district and Irkutck). It has big, high,evn stocks with low branchiness. Larch is 50 meters high.
Larch wood doesn't decay and get dark. Larch refers to wood resistant to decay. Biologically larch wood is twice more resistant destruction by insects and boletus than pine. According to european standard EN 350-2;1994, it refers a gtoup of very persistent kinds whereas pine wood is related to a group of moderately persistent ones.

Environmental friendliness and medical properties of larch.

Larch medical properties are determined by biologically active substances -antioxidants, which help our body to fight against aging and different desieses, especially in the conditions of stress, polluted environment, radiation.
Larch grows nearby lake Baikal, rivers Angara and Enisei, western and Eastern Sayans foothills. Thus larch wood is ecologically clean and can not contain allergic agents. Comparative study of larch and pine physical and consumptive properties shows that the majority of main data in buildings out of larch wood, including those ones which are built out of round timber, exceed by quality similar pine construction.

Larch is special among softwood kinds. It's wood has reddish-brownish tone and is highly water resistant. Larch is not very exposed to casting. In comparison with oak wood larch recedes slightly in firmness, however it's more solid. More over thanks to special resin structure larch eventually is becoming more solid.
The most distinctive larch property is it's natural resistance to decay as having gum (natural substance) defends wood from damage. According to rhe european standard EN 350-2:1994 it refers to a groop of very resistant to decay kinds.

Larch is not only a durable tree. It is also famous for various medical properties , which are determined by biologically active nuitricious substances, antioxidants. Antioxidants help our body to fight against aging and different deseases, especially in the conditions of stress, polluted environment and radiation. During the whole working life larch extracts phytoncids which get into a person's breathing passages and prevent catarral and virus deseases, impact positively on nervous system. Larch is spread all over Russia, but only larch tha grows in Siberia is appreciated. The climate in the European part of Russia is softer, so larchwood is much more packless and is comparable with an ordinary pine. It's annual rings width is 4 mm.

In a house out of siberian larch a likelihood of neurosis appearance,migrence,connected with angiospasms is lòwer. During the whole working life larch provides a healthy klimate in the house as it evapours natural substances-phytancids possessing anticeptic properties. They get into a person's breathing passages and prevent catarrhal and virus deseases. While hypertonia there is a decrease of blood preasure. Bloodstroke is dissapearing, quicksightedness is increasing,metabolism is normalising. Larch grows nearby lake Baikal and rivers Angara and Enisei. So larch wood rhere is ecologically clean and can not contain allergic agents.


It's a natural- anticeptic material. That's because of it's resin peculiarities treating it's annual rings. After being worked up it is not attacked by insects - invaders. Becides it can be used without any chemical working up in such conditions whereas other kinds are exposed to decay.
According to physical and mechanical properties durability of larchwood takes an intermediate position between softwood like pine and firm ones like oak.A larch board is dry, so it is not exposed to decay. That's why buildings out of larch exist for centuries. Siberian larch resists to water influence evensalty one. It's not afraid of rodents and boletus. Good examples of larch solidity are: Vinece, decabrists' houses in Irkutsk, cycle track coverage in Krylatski, fountains inPetergof, olimpic games in Sochi 2014 etc.

Solidity of larchwood can be comparable to the oak's one. Larch solidity-109, oak-110 (on the Brinnel's scale). Larchwood in comparison with pine (both of them grow in Eastern Siberia) statistic bend and shear fracture along febre in tangental direction is 33-34% better. Larchwood stretch and compression are 40% better. Specific work while striking bend and solidity limit while shear fracture along fibre in radial direction are 50% higher. Larchwood frontal firmness is 64% higher. Thus all larchwood data are 30-50 % higher in comparison with pine, which in it's turn is more solid than spruce wood, cedar and especially fir.
In comparison with firm leaf-bearing kinds larch compression along fibre, statistic bend and module of elasticity are better or equal but it recedes in specific work while the striking bend, shear fracture along the fibre and firmness.

Larch vollume heat conduction is 30% higher than pine. It is seen when in a heated period a tempreture in a room is devided more evenly during the whole day, but in summet there is a feeling of coolness.
Larch fire resistence according to the Moscow State forest University investigations is approximately twice higher than pine wood.
Larch wood is very beautiful and possesses a light chestnut tone. Annual layers are strongly marked and are very well visible on all wood crossing cuts. So planed surfaces look very beautiful with characteristic drawing.

An artificial aging is becoming very modern. Using of such coverage in your house will let you not only to underline a high level of your life, but to connect your house spirit with everlasting values. with the past, without which it's difficult to find a real balance.
It's important to know that larch wood is toned very easily. So if a buyer is not satisfied with any of 12 larch tones he has an opportunity to change interior look of his flat,office or house by using corresponding oak and ash-tree wood. Thes ones are very close to the solar gamma.

We offer to You an Angarsk Larch with unique properties as it grows in a cold siberian climate which makes wood more solid and durable.
Makes out of Angarsk larch for Your house will become a source of Siberian force energy.