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If you have decided to repair your house and upholster it with wood, planken is the best sawn timber for that. This sawn timber is applied for interior and exterior finishing works as well. Planken is perfect for houses and buildings upholstery. If the face of your house is entirely out of this timber it will visually seem that your house is completely wooden. It looks rather stylish and fashionable.


There are 2 sorts of planken. First of all they are curved and straight. The difference between them is that a curved one has bevil edges. It is used for better fixing of sawn timber on walls or roof of a building.

According to it's specifications planken has some outlook resemblance with a batten. But it has some advantages. First of all it concerns durability of the timber. During regular negative weather influences the batten unwarps quickly on the street. Even a small deformation is possible. As a result the timber will become unfit for use and demand to be changed. By the way it's rather difficult and problematic to change the batten in comparison with planken. As for the planken it's less exposed to negative weather aftermath.

Larch is the most appropriate sort of wood to produce the material. It is a sort of wood which has all these qualities that are to be in a really good sawn timber of high quality: durability,reliability and high stableness to weather changes. Becides it's very goodlooking.


Title Sort Unit Cost rub.
1 Floor board, weight:25-30mm, width:75-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1500-00
A Sq.m. 1200-00
В Sq.m.
С Sq.m.
2 Eurobatten, weight:18-20mm, width:70mm-90mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
D Sq.m. 500-00
3 Batten «SHTIL», weight:14-16mm, width:50-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
C Sq.m. 500-00
4 Planken, weight:19-20mm, width:84-139mm 0 Sq.m. 1100-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 800-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
5 Bars simulation, weight:26-30mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 750-00
C Sq.m. 450-00
6 Block house, weight:32mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1660-00
A Sq.m. 1300-00
B Sq.m. 890-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
7 Skiting-board 20*50 Sort А/В R/m 36-00
20*50 Sort C R/m 28-00
8 Bar 30*30 R/m 45-00
9 Platband 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 50-00
10 Batten 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 30-00