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People have already used wood as the main building material for centuries. We live in the 21st century; time has changed, but wood is still a very popular building material. First of all, it is subject to the flooring coating of any flat or house. It is no doubt that none of the artificial floor materials can be compared with wood floor board. What can be better than an ecologically friendly, smooth floor surface of your flat or house? That is why floor board is so important while building any house.

Larch is one of the best materials to make the floor board. This type of wood, in particular, meets all requirements of a really good and high-quality floor. Besides of top quality, larch is a durable, reliable and beautiful material. This is precisely why thousands of Russian families have already chosen this timber. We are inviting you to come in with them!

Our company has already been engaged in producing larch floor boards as well as other timber for ten years. We have proved ourselves worth as a really reliable manufacturer and seller of high-quality timber at a reasonable price. All products of our company are carefully checked for damages before to be sent to the manufactures’ store. We do not doubt the quality of our products, but we want to be sure that the goods which we sell will serve you for many years.

Floor board use

First of all, floor board is used in rooms with not high moisture level. It is used for the floor covering on the veranda or on the terrace. Larch floor board will be the best choice in this case. Mounting. Even backing is necessary for a good mounting. Floor joists, subfloor, plywood floor or even old wood floor can be used as foundation. Usually floor board is laid at right angle to the window and fixed with the screws. Physical properties. Generally the following material is used: larch, pine or fir tree. Moisture is within the limits of 10-16 %. Connection type is mortise and tenon. It is no question that the larch floor board can be considered as the soundest building material.


Title Sort Unit Cost rub.
1 Floor board, weight:25-30mm, width:75-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1500-00
A Sq.m. 1200-00
В Sq.m.
С Sq.m.
2 Eurobatten, weight:18-20mm, width:70mm-90mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
D Sq.m. 500-00
3 Batten «SHTIL», weight:14-16mm, width:50-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
C Sq.m. 500-00
4 Planken, weight:19-20mm, width:84-139mm 0 Sq.m. 1100-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 800-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
5 Bars simulation, weight:26-30mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 750-00
C Sq.m. 450-00
6 Block house, weight:32mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1660-00
A Sq.m. 1300-00
B Sq.m. 890-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
7 Skiting-board 20*50 Sort А/В R/m 36-00
20*50 Sort C R/m 28-00
8 Bar 30*30 R/m 45-00
9 Platband 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 50-00
10 Batten 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 30-00