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Wood is the most popular constructing material. That's not surprising because this material is made by nature thanks to which constructing materials of wood are ecologically clean. More over houses built out of the sawn timbers look rather stylish and aesthetically pleasant. We can speak about advantages of the sawn timbers endlessly,however we are not going to do this. It's better to see once than to hear a hundreds of times. Now we'd like to introduce you a wonderful sawn timber called eurobatten.

Perhaps the majority of us have heard the term 'batten' and know what it is. But probably not all of us know what 'eurobatten' is. Eurobatten and an ordinary batten by it's sense are the same but there are some significant differences. Eurobatten got such title not because it is produced only in Europe. It's because special technologiesare applied while it's producing. Plus to this such material is produced according european quality standards. That is the main construction of eurobatten from an ordinary one.


Eurobatten assembling is a very respinsible step of building finishing. And the way of doing it impacts on the final work life and a general outlook.

Before the assembling you need to do several conditions:

Eurobatten must be stored in a closed place factory packaged. Sudden temperature changes and direct sun rays are inadmissible.

48 hours before assembling you need to take off the factory package and give it to acclimatize.

While assembling temperature must be +5 degrees and humidity up tu 60%.

batten perservering is implemented on almost ideal walls, otherwise it is demanded to do timbering out of wood strips.

The laying can be done horisontally and vertically as well. While the eurobatten assembling it's dezirable to leave backlash 1-3 mm between boards as sizes can change slightly under the impact of temperature and humidity.


Title Sort Unit Cost rub.
1 Floor board, weight:25-30mm, width:75-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1500-00
A Sq.m. 1200-00
В Sq.m.
С Sq.m.
2 Eurobatten, weight:18-20mm, width:70mm-90mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
D Sq.m. 500-00
3 Batten «SHTIL», weight:14-16mm, width:50-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
C Sq.m. 500-00
4 Planken, weight:19-20mm, width:84-139mm 0 Sq.m. 1100-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 800-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
5 Bars simulation, weight:26-30mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 750-00
C Sq.m. 450-00
6 Block house, weight:32mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1660-00
A Sq.m. 1300-00
B Sq.m. 890-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
7 Skiting-board 20*50 Sort А/В R/m 36-00
20*50 Sort C R/m 28-00
8 Bar 30*30 R/m 45-00
9 Platband 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 50-00
10 Batten 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 30-00