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Cedar is a rare and unique tree. Its height can be up to 75 meters with the diameter of 6 meters. Cedar can be qualified as a giant tree.

Cedarwood exhibits the following unique properties: it is not susceptible to the bacteria and insects, and this wood is resistant to the decay. It can also stand critical temperature spans as well as it lends itself to machining favourably.

Being heated, cedarwood does not gum and reflects the rays of the sun perfectly. It makes this wood an ideal material to build a bathhouse or a sauna bath. In case, if the bathhouse is finished with cedarwood, heat is accumulated much faster.

Cedar has a brown-pink wood of compact structure. It can be used in building work both separately and together with other materials.

Basic cedarwood properties are as follows:

1) material lends itself to machining favourably, and it does not fissure;

2) it has a high heat insulation and an acoustic isolation;

3) dangerous substances are not evolved under the high temperatures;

4) material has a perfect resistance to moisture and insects;

5) cedarwood is rich with essential oils; it makes rooms smell good.

Cedarwood tar possesses a therapeutic benefit for the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It relaxes you and takes off the effects of weariness.
Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, one can say that cedarwood is not only a perfect material for the bathhouse and sauna bath finishing, but it also has therapeutic value. You will be delighted with it for many years.


Title Sort Unit Cost rub.
1 Floor board, weight:25-30mm, width:75-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1500-00
A Sq.m. 1200-00
В Sq.m.
С Sq.m.
2 Eurobatten, weight:18-20mm, width:70mm-90mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
D Sq.m. 500-00
3 Batten «SHTIL», weight:14-16mm, width:50-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
C Sq.m. 500-00
4 Planken, weight:19-20mm, width:84-139mm 0 Sq.m. 1100-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 800-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
5 Bars simulation, weight:26-30mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 750-00
C Sq.m. 450-00
6 Block house, weight:32mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1660-00
A Sq.m. 1300-00
B Sq.m. 890-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
7 Skiting-board 20*50 Sort А/В R/m 36-00
20*50 Sort C R/m 28-00
8 Bar 30*30 R/m 45-00
9 Platband 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 50-00
10 Batten 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 30-00