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Many hundreds of years wood is ths most popular material for houses erection. It's easy to explain because wood is one of the most reliable and solid constructing materials on the Earth. But the most important thing is that wood is ecologically clean constructing material.

If you are building you own house or you have just decided to repair it you can't do without bar simulation.

Bar simulation is modern sawn timber which is widely used in modern construction. What is that. According to it's specifications it reminds batten, though it looks like an ordinary bar. The main distinction of bars simultation from batten is a deeper section on the sawn timber itself and more labour-consuming manufacturing.

First workpiece fof sawn timber is put into a special drying tunnel. Whille drying almost all water is vapoured out of the tree. The workpiece itself becomes more solid thanks to freezing of resins inside a tree. A dried boadd is sent to a manufacturing machine which produces a ready bars imitation.

The best wood for producing bars simulation is larch. The thing is that it's very reliable and durable. Becides different invaders, bacteria and insects do not like this sort of wood. If you care about it properly you will use it for many years.


Assembling of bars simulation is very simple, so everyone can cope with it. Sa well as every wood production bars simulation must be acclimatized before the assemblkng. Usually it needs from 3 to 7 days, it's not necessarily to take of the packaging.

Simultation is used for face finishing so you will need supplementary heat insulating material. While assembling the ways are wood strip and bar framing, thickness of which depends on insulating material thickness, but not less that 3,5 cm.

Roof boarding must be strictly vertical and the process of laying must be controlled by the level to avoid mistakes. First of all it's necessary to consolidate heat insulation between the ways after which you can asseble. Usually they start from bellow straitening the first horisontal panel thoroughly. A plate is put by coak up in order to avoid water in pits. The price for bar simultation assembling even with a work of specialist is not considered to be high.

Then under the 45 degrees corner a dry-wall screw is twisted in a hole prepared beforehand in order to avoid board casting. The next wood strip we pug into by a pit into a coak, leaving backlaßhes 1-2 mm for not water deforming a surface. And finally you have to controll horizontal of layed plates.


Title Sort Unit Cost rub.
1 Floor board, weight:25-30mm, width:75-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1500-00
A Sq.m. 1200-00
В Sq.m.
С Sq.m.
2 Eurobatten, weight:18-20mm, width:70mm-90mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
D Sq.m. 500-00
3 Batten «SHTIL», weight:14-16mm, width:50-130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 850-00
B Sq.m. 700-00
C Sq.m. 500-00
4 Planken, weight:19-20mm, width:84-139mm 0 Sq.m. 1100-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 800-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
5 Bars simulation, weight:26-30mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1000-00
A Sq.m. 900-00
B Sq.m. 750-00
C Sq.m. 450-00
6 Block house, weight:32mm, width:130mm 0 Sq.m. 1660-00
A Sq.m. 1300-00
B Sq.m. 890-00
C Sq.m. 650-00
7 Skiting-board 20*50 Sort А/В R/m 36-00
20*50 Sort C R/m 28-00
8 Bar 30*30 R/m 45-00
9 Platband 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 50-00
10 Batten 14*95 Sort А/В R/m 30-00