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OOO «TH Bratskleskom»

OOO «TH Bratskleskom»

OOO «TH Bratskleskom» has been working since 2002. This is a tree felling and wood processing plant. It is situated on the industrial territory of Padunski district, in Irkutsk region, Bratsk city and occupies the total territory of 1,5448 hectars. It cinsists of a plant, the square of which is 3817,5 sq.m., ready production warehouse, the square of which is 2857,5 sq.m. and also supporting equipment: four bridge cranes with an interface drive MK-10 and one tower crane KB308A.

Technological cycle chain starts from forest areas choice and timber harvesting. In 2006 a forest resourse district situated on the territory of Federal State Institution «Chunski leshoz» was rented up to 2031 with a stock vollume ready to use 4564,9 thousand cub.m.

Production consists of a range of cycles:

1.raw materials for the first row on th ribbon sawn frame and frame C63 is supplied. After that an untrimmed board and half timber get to the edge-rimming machine and multiple saw machine CM200. After that trimmed sawn timber gets to separation. Then ths sawn timber is put into drying tunnels. There are four drying tunnels 50 cub.m.each. After the drying a part of given production is exported to far-abroad countries. The other part goes to a further working up in a molding plant. Thanks to this the production has high specifications and it's quality comes up to european standards. Workpiece wich goes to a molding plant is worked up into eurobatten,floor board,block-house, planken,filister,skirting,cove etc.

There are 350 people working at the plant. All the production is packed into packages, which provides preservation and marketable condition of things. Each packaging is provided with a label tag containing all the properties of a thing. Thanks to using all working up cycles on the plant, starting from a workpiece and finishing with packaging of ready production,we are ready to make any claim of finishing and molding materials out of Angarsk Larch.

We are looking forward for your offers.

Prices and assortment of our production are placed in the unit «Cathalogue».